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ht<b>Out Of Character<br />

<br /> Name:</b> Blueeyedwoman

<br />

<b>Age:</b><br /> 29

<b>Personal Journal:</b>  <lj user="N/A"><br />

<b>Contact:</b>  plurk-nofate/redscribbles, <br />

<b>In Character</b>

<b>Name:</b>  <br /> Col Radec

<b>Canon:</b> (please note if this is a canon AU) Canon AU<br />

<b>Canon Point:</b> Ending of Killzone 2 <br /> <b>Sex/Gender:</b><br />

<b>Actual Age/Apparent Age:</b><br />???<br /><br />

<b>Belongings:</b>  MK-32 Knife, StA-18 Pistol, StaA 3 Light Machine Gun, Teslite Grenade, Frag Grenade plus various other stuff

<br />

<b>Skills and Powers:</b>

Stealth- Radec can disappear temporarily as many times as he wishes.

Speed/Agility is increased due to being a Helghast.

<br /><br />   <b>Bookmark Description:</b><br />  Holographic video device<br /><br />

<b>History and Personality: </b><br />


(Canon AU)

Radec didn’t kill himself with a gun blast to the head and instead lived on.  He helps the new leader help Helghan raise to power once again.

<b><u>Samples</u><br />  Remember, we are looking most specifically at your writing samples. Put your best into it! If you tried our test drive meme, you may link the thread to the style it fits below.<br />

[Radec is viewing the library quietly keeping watch using binoculars.]

After waiting until the library area is clear, he walks in, eyeing the various styles of books inside all listing various types of books.

What various information do these books hide?

[He picks one up, Sci-fi]

He finds out not only information in the book, but a world is hidden inside of it.

[This is more like a crossing point, then Helghan. I see.]

<br />First Person/Action brackets: </b><br />(This will be done in brackets and can be a video or audio post that you would make on the main community.)<br /><br />

<b>Third Person/Prose: </B><br />  

Radec wondered the almost endless library, searching for something in particular. About why all these folks suddenly appeared here just like he did.

How did he survive?

He read various books over time, but nothing would prepare him for ending up here.

<br />




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